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[PATH SETTINGS] File saved on diffrent location

Posted: 07 Oct 2012 13:05
by weerwolf1
I hope there are some active here who can help ..


Now when i set the path in RemoteCP to /gameservers/trackmania/dedicated/GameData/Tracks/TMFLYNX1/ ; it correctly finds it in the RemoteCP browser.

I can click challenges and see all challenges. Now when i want to upload a file, this correct path is show in the screen.

When i click upload, it uploads the file. But NOT in this given location ..
I has saved the file to /gameservers/trackmania/dedicated/GameData/Tracks/Challenges

And therefor not clickable in the browserlist for use in the server.

I hope someone know why RemoteCP does this.

Read/write settings, user/group, all is ok.
Xaseco which i gave the same path (for xaseco relative to /Gamedata/Tracks; so with path /LYNX1/TMX) is correctly placing the file.

EDIT: if i set the path to /gameservers/trackmania/dedicated/GameData/Tracks/

and then browse in RemoteCP to /TMFLYNX1/Challenges it upload and stores the file excactly in that location :-S
Very strange ....

I dont want this working situation, cause admins can browse to the other server maps ...