[Xaseco|Fast|all] Google Translate 1.3 (22.12.2010)

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[Xaseco|Fast|all] Google Translate 1.3 (22.12.2010)

Post by reaby » 17 Dec 2010 07:15

Google Translate for Xaseco|Fast|all ver 1.3




LATEST: googletr_13.zip
PREVIOUS: googletr_121.zip

Installation instructions are a bit complicated, so look google_translate\readme.txt how to set this one.

Standalone version
You can run the plugin now standalone, no other server controller is needed. If so, just fill in the required fields in google_translate.xml and launch translate.bat or translate.sh.

If you run fast and want to run the plugin as standalone, fill in
<disable_fast>true</disable_fast> and start fast and then translate. For xaseco, just don't register the plugin at plugins.xml and then just start the service.

Change Log
15.12.2010 Initial Release
16.12.2010 Fix for html_entities in text.
ver 1.2
17.12.2010 Lots of fixes and a proper fix of html_entities, added logtranslate for xaseco, added enable/disable commands for translate.
ver 1.21
17.12.2010 Fast patch for autotranslate for normal players + xaseco chatlog is showed at newest messages first.
ver 1.3
22.12.2010 Fixed autotranslate issue with fast, added global support for translating service.



/translate on
Turn global translate on

/translate off
Turn global translate off

/translate login|on
Turn player translate on

/translate login|off
Turn player translate on

/autotranslate login|lang
Turn autotranslate on for player

/autotranslate login|off
Turn autotranslate off for player


/translate text|lang
translate text to language

/autotranslate lang
Turn autotranslate on

/autotranslate off
Turn autotranslate off

/logtranslate lang
Popup a chatlog for translating

Lang is 2 letter version of country, or target language name in lowercase
if language is not found or you forgot to enter the target, it will be translated in english.

Have fun,
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smooth traffic navigator
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Re: [Xaseco|Fast] Google Translate 1.21 (17.12.2010)

Post by reaby » 17 Dec 2010 16:58

Fast fix for autotranslate.

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Re: [Xaseco|Fast|all] Google Translate 1.3 (22.12.2010)

Post by Bryan199810 » 11 Mar 2011 02:34

What is curl? I opened php.ini and nowhere did i see the curl thing.

Will it work without it?

I'm using FAST.

EDIT: I'm so dumb. My eyes missed it! :roflol:

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