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Small plugin request

Posted: 30 Aug 2011 13:36
by rat_in_car
I have small request to anyone who knows good how fast works.

Can someone make me a really small plugin for fast that only display manialink transparent box with txt inside (something like next/previous map - I can customize that box by myself) and refresh on player finish, player join and reload map? No user interactions, no even close button, just box with refresh on specific gameserver actions.

I can change other plugins but this small one can help me with understand what is really need for simplest plugin to make and run.

Small hint (what I need that for) - i made local records extractor based only on gamelog (so works even if FAST is not running and don't need anything like MySQL etc.) but I need to integrate this with FAST. I do it now by change other plugin but that is not so nice method.

Re: Small plugin request

Posted: 30 Aug 2011 15:35
by Slig
I just made you such example, you will find it on (plugin.98.ml_example)
(should work with Fast4.0 too)

Re: Small plugin request

Posted: 30 Aug 2011 21:46
by rat_in_car
Thank you. Works like I want (except one change - because that's local records, it changes for every player on finish, not only for player who finish, but I figure it out, it's not that hard).