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Bug Match Plugin Fast 4

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 20:02
by jonthekiller

I tried to use the match plugin on StadiumĀ² and I see a bug with logs. If I play a Time Attack match, logs don't save the times of players, it's the place at the end of each player.

Also the nickname is cut after 4 characters in logs and I haven't a special character just after.

Re: Bug Match Plugin Fast 4

Posted: 25 Apr 2013 12:20
by Slig
Using fast4.0.0q ?
Only very few are using the match plugin, and even less for a TA match, so it's probably a very old bug...
You mean in matchlog/xxxx.login.txt or in fastlog/matchlog.tm2.login.txt ?

I have to test to see what happens (please send me by email some example matchlog and the used match.configs settings, so i'll test the right things)

Re: Bug Match Plugin Fast 4

Posted: 25 Apr 2013 16:56
by jonthekiller
Yes 4.0.0q.
I use it before with fast 3.0 on TMNF without problem.

It's in the {match name}.{date}.{servername}.{login}.txt

Here is the example when I tried

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[04/16,22:16:30] MULTIMAP TIME ATTACK MATCH [1/2] on [Masters 2013 - BlueBaguette] (Stadium,eEVMTEHmh6hPElj_7U7z3EhCgRf,wally-)2,1,jonthekiller,mA|B
I send you by mail my match.configs.