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Maximum restarts ?

Posted: 03 Sep 2013 14:52
by RubiX2k7
Is there an option im not seeing to limit how many restarts are allowed? When I look in logs over night, i see people sometimes restarting a track 6+ times if they were alone etc.

I need a way to limit restarting to 3 times , even for admins too if possible, but that isnt so important as I can just tell them to not go overboard with restarts.

Thanks in advance :)

Re: Maximum restarts ?

Posted: 11 Sep 2013 17:33
by Slig
If you allow next and restart using the ingame server votes, then there is no real way (it would mean that the script check that the map has been restarted several consecutive times then force a next if there is again a restart ; of course that is not impossible). Eventually a plugin would be able to do that....

About admins, they are able to choose the next map, or come back to previous one. so if really some admin wants to replay it, he will succeeds ;)