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Re: Upcoming ASECO/RASP v0.8 release

Posted: 09 Oct 2007 15:55
by m&o
Anbert wrote:Better a week later then a buggy version. I just want to keep this topic hot so you know your making us happy with your hours of hard work. :pil
not sure who knows there wil be no errors by xumph and did we wait a week for nothing:P(and it means xymph is good whit php :mrgreen: )

and since I din't post on this threat yet

:1010 for the 0.8

Re: Upcoming ASECO/RASP v0.8 release

Posted: 09 Oct 2007 18:04
I just joined your server Xymph, and must say YOUR ASECO ROXX ;d. Just can't wait for the final release. :1010

Re: Upcoming ASECO/RASP v0.8 release

Posted: 30 Oct 2007 15:37
by Xymph
Xymph wrote:
Assembler Maniac wrote:Did you guys know about the trackref.txt file that resides in the TMX folder when using RASP? It has the track id and actual name in it so you can which is which.
I hadn't really looked into that bit of code (and the feature isn't documented in your Readme.txt :P) but now that I did, I see that "/add trackref" will just build that list without actually renaming the files. That's neat but doesn't help when /add is disabled and only "/admin add" is allowed (like on my server), as I've modified that too to save the TMX track by name.
I hadn't actually tried "/add trackref" at the time, but yesterday I discovered it doesn't actually work in v0.7 (nor v0.8+). :o It checks the 'trackref' string against an undefined variable. :wink: Code excerpt from v0.7 (RASP 1.5):

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                if ( $tmxid == 'trackref' )
                if (is_numeric($command['params']) && $command['params'] >= 0) {
                        $tmxid = ltrim($command['params'], '0');
So $tmxid is tested before it's filled with the command parameter. This will be fixed in the next release, and I also made it an admin-only option.