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Posted: 23 Feb 2010 16:38
by josetey_77
Hello to all. Another day estava in a server united when I saw that the track karma tape-worm percentage like that that I put the post for if some save like it to do or where it stoops
I hope that someone helps me.
Thank you.


Posted: 23 Feb 2010 16:48
by reaby
It is karma plugin of Dereco-system which is under developement. Nothing to to with Xaseco.

Dereco homapages at

More info at


Posted: 25 Feb 2010 11:12
by Speedy64
Hy all and thanks for the Questions to DeReCo :)

Looks like we made good work so far then if u like it :P

At moment i am trying to switch to eclipse but seems not so easy as wanted... problems with using ftp in it ;) but thats no problem of trackmania or DeReCo... only i need a little time for it i cant use to fix last parts of DeReCo... Maybe someone uses eclipse for php + ftp also and can help a little? *g*

But back to DeReCo
i should really sit down and put the core-parts together to give them out as a very first open beta ;) but working so much on it so often and only expanding it more and more... grmlz sry.
i will do it soon and then searching 3-4 admins (german preferred) that want to test to install and configure it first (some config-tools are inside also) before making it downloadable for all. As it is VERY different to *aseco, fast or other tools used on most servers also the configs and installs are different...

a few words to DeReCo itself:
like most others based on PHP (5.2 or newer preferred - maybe 5.1 or 5.0 running also but untested atm)
easy extendable via modules - also current features are mostly separated (not all)
ingame-admin-area - nearly no need for chat-commands from changing or restarting tracks up to some tm-server-configurations like password, servername, playercount,... with possibility of saving and switching between up to 5 base-serversettings ingame)
single- and multi-environment-support (first beta partly limited to stadium)
single- or multi-server-support (running more instances of dereco even with different configs - also a few controlls can be made from a single server to all running instances)
different optical settings via xml-configs
some performance- and memory-saving functions like internal caches, datacollectors/sorters to make it fast also - dont want to go to any details atm but it helps ;)

features (most of them should be in the first beta - but maybe not all)
extendable via modules (manual to create this will come later - maybe ask if wanted :) )
gamemode timeattack

more finished modules but mostly NOT in first beta:
dynamic tracklist (supporting >100.000 tracks,...)
gamemode rounds,...

Known Problems:
!atm ONLY running under a LINUX Apache Server - no Windows - no other PHP-Server... working on it.

atm there are running 10 servers with it - to see on -> Server
feel free to connect and look to dereco ;) servers are located in Germany->NRW->Dortmund and Germany->NRW->Cologne
if u want to see the ingame-admin-area for example - contact me and i will give u mod- or admin-rights (only for test-time) on my servers (the last 3 in that list - but: web-list isnt live - only updated about all 60 minutes!)

ok enough for the moment :)

feel free to answer :) tips, bugreports or suggestions welcome

and sorry for long development-time - but good things need time ;) and the end is REALLY close.

greetz Speedy64


Posted: 02 Mar 2010 20:28
by maau
Wow, nice to hear that DeReCo is still alive and kicking. Looking further to the beta !