XASECO2 (TM²C) v0.90

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Re: XASECO2 (TM²C) v0.90

Post by BL|NK » 12 Sep 2011 23:19

Many Thanks Xymph for your adaptation of Xaseco for TM2 :thumbsup: , you are the best :thumbsup:

It's working fine on my servers ;)


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Re: XASECO2 (TM²C) v0.90

Post by biloudeprovence » 12 Sep 2011 23:54

Xymph wrote:

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      //$this->settings['donate_panel'] = $aseco['DONATE_PANEL'][0];

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      $this->settings['donate_panel'] = '';
The other one may be a problem in your rasp.xml file, if the <pb_none>...</pb_none> entry is missing. If it's present, then I'm not sure what causes that warning.
Hi Xymph
Xaseco2 works fine now
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Re: XASECO2 (TM²C) v0.90

Post by heavymetal1202 » 13 Sep 2011 06:16

hey, waiting a long time for xaseco2.

Xaseco ist the best!!!


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Re: XASECO2 (TM²C) v0.90

Post by Syth » 13 Sep 2011 14:28

Xymph wrote:
Syth wrote:I don't know if this is a Xaseco2 problem, or just my server... I can only have 60 tracks in the list.... i added them using the /admin addlocal command.

I can add them, but they just won't show in /list. Nor will they play.
That would require further investigation. E.g. restart the dedicated with a matchsettings file that does have more than 60 tracks.
You can copy the current tracks from XAseco2's autosave list, if you have that enabled. If not, enable it first in rasp.settings.php, restart X2, go to next track, and then the current matchsettings are saved.
Hi i put 67 tracks on the server (in the matchsettings), and then attempted to add 2 more using the addlocal and they worked, and kept going up. :) Thanks for the help :D
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Re: XASECO2 (TM²C) v0.90

Post by Xymph » 25 Sep 2011 14:56

Pesky wrote:is it possible that the autotime plugin isnt working yet?

It does load fine

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[09/09,19:06:43] Load auto timelimit config [autotime.xml]
but it seems to ignore the limits there and is taking the setting from matchsettings.txt
Found and fixed this bug for the imminent next release.
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