[request] Check login and apply custom chat text

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[request] Check login and apply custom chat text

Post by waxipein » 29 Sep 2012 00:34

I tried with no success to modify reaby's custom chat plugin for checking login of player and apply a custom chat to it... i guess it would be something like this..

i need to retreive logins and nicknames from servers check if player is online apply custom chat

get logins + nicks

if login = 'XxXx'
formatting= (custom chat)
formatting= (normalchat)

i'm dummi on php and dev is not my top point could someone help me? i'm sure it is possible to do it but i don't know much things ty

btw: i know more or less the structure it should have and events to register on aseco but i can't get anything to work

the best thing i got was that it recognized my login (and formatted the chat) but when others are chatting it does not write their nicknames!

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