[XASECO2 Help] Dedimania system is not working properly

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[XASECO2 Help] Dedimania system is not working properly

Post by Neskia » 01 Jul 2013 01:16

Hello everyone, I am kind of a first when it comes to server hosting and so I came here because of a few issues I have noticed regarding my server.

I have set up MySQL with a phpmyadmin page correctly and I have all my databases working.

I have installed the most up to date version of Eye Piece as one of my plugins correctly (the second being fufi widgets).

This is my problem in simple terms, my server will recognize all of the local record/times perfectly fine and are stored in the servers database correctly. These "Local Records" are then displayed in the Local Records window module in Eye Piece.

That is all fine and dandy.

However my issue comes with the Dedimania window and record keeper.

I can get a time on the server that will register "Local Record" 1st for example, and that time that I get will be (for example purposes) 20th dedimania. However, when I get that time, it doesn't become 20th dedimania, in fact it doesn't become any dedimania time at all. The Dedimania system doesn't seem to recognize the time that I got and will not record it onto the dedimania table. However, if I get a time that is 15th dedimania or better, it does record it into the dedimania table and does become displayed in the Dedimania Records window in the Eye Piece widget. It is also only then that it becomes displayed in the chat text as well.

What I would like to happen would be that every time that gets recorded on my local records gets recorded to dedimania, and only the dedimania and local times that are top 30 get displayed in the text.

I am sorry if my explanation was a bit confusing, but I hope I got what I was trying to say across.

If I need to post any logs or config document stuff please just tell me. I will do so as soon as I get the chance.

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Re: [XASECO2 Help] Dedimania system is not working properly

Post by w1lla » 01 Jul 2013 07:46


Dedimania has some rules set up for 15/30 records globally.

Here is more info about the obligation:

The default number of records by challenge/game mode on Dedimania for TM² is 30(*). It means that :
* a player who increased its own maxrank will be able to make records above rank 30, whatever the server maxrank is !
* a server who increased its maxrank will allow all its players to make records above rank 30 (some players may also have individually a maxrank higher) !

So, for each player playing on a server, his effective maxrank is the higest of his own maxrank and the server maxrank.

Donation to Dedimania to get premium access (use buttons above: make in the donation paypal page a comment about what login to what maxrank, so i will know what to upgrade!) :

Premium server account: (no duration limit)
- 2€ => top40
- 6€ => top60
- 10€ => top80

Premium player account: (no duration limit, any premium account has replays access if previously registered one time on http://dedimania.net/tm2stats/?do=auth so i can change its status)
- 1€ => top40
- 2€ => top60
- 3€ => top80
- 4€ => top100

(*) maybe less than 30 for free games/environments/modes (ie actually Stadium² in TimeAttack), to compensate the increased number of servers, maps and players, and encourage their users to do small donations.

Note1: The main goal is to get enough money to rent the Dedimania server, because beginning 2013 donations are only about 30% of the server cost from beginning !... (hopefully I could migrate to a less expensive server mid 2011 and beginning 2013 than the one used in 2010, but with TM Stadium + TM2 Stadium perhaps the current one will become really overloaded).

Note2: The increased limitations for players and/or servers have no duration limit, but there is no guaranty about how much time the Dedimania records service will work. Anyway, it will be kept active at least 6 months after you have bought your increased limitation.

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