Xaseco musicserver.xml doesnt do the job

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Xaseco musicserver.xml doesnt do the job

Post by s3bish » 31 Aug 2013 16:58

:gobananas: Hello guys,

i am working for days to get my first trackmania server working. At the moment the server works as it should be, except for one thing:

The music.

I am using the standard trackmania dedicated server combined with Xaseco for Trackmania United. I did the usual things to get the musicplugin running:

Activated Plugin in plugins.xml - check, Configured webserver/folder in musicserver.xml - check, set all music - check.

Ingame i can use "/music" commands like "/music reload" or "/music next". It shows the answer that it does what i want, like "admin skipped to next track: name". But the plugin does only write it in the chat and not do it for real. I configured that it should overwrite the trackmusic - it doesnt.

Long story short: The music plugin of Xaseco tells me it works, but it does not really do anything. It loads, searches and finds the tracks incl. ID3-tag and shows them ingame. But it does not play them or mute/disable the standard game music.

I checked all configs about 10 times and switched between a webspace and folder. Can anyone tell me what causes this? Is the plugin missing rights to force the music ingame? :ftw:


Windows 7
Trackmania Dedicated Server
mysqldatabase/webserver for records and stats


Ich möchte, dass anstatt irgendwelcher oder keiner Musik, immer die Musik läuft die ich festgelegt habe. Ich möchte keine Jukebox oder sonst irgendwas. Wenn ich /music (trackid) eingebe, kommt "/music #" currently not enabled".

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