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MRC - Ogg (sharing .ogg files)

Posted: 14 Nov 2013 18:17
by straint
Hi guys,
I have already made this kind of tool but now it's different and it works (I hope).
To know if it really works, I need some testers (you) and also to correct my English.

With this tool you can share .ogg files using the same server. Infact you can access all of the songs on the server, just copying the links to your musicserver.xml

Link of the file:
Put these two files on the same folder.
Link of the virus scan of the file (0/47): ... 384452643/

Let's see how it works:
as you can see in this image, you can UPLOAD and SEARCH songs;

you must select a file with ".ogg" extension, then you can click on "upload" and you will type the artist and the title of the song;

after 7/8 seconds (it depends to MB of the file), a messagge will inform you that the upload is completed and then, you copy the two texts (yellow underlined in image) to your "musicserver.xml"; now you can listen to your song on your server;

as you can see in this image, before uploading twice a song, you can check if it exists already.

I hope you appreciate this tool and please, tell me below if there are errors/bugs (probably).
This tool

Re: MRC - Ogg (sharing .ogg files)

Posted: 15 Nov 2013 06:40
by askuri
This looks nice. I would say we can move this to my server, but Im scared of the copyrights.
Maybe you can build in an approvement tool, so its possible to control what gets uploaded