[XASECO2] Keeping Trackmania memory !?

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[XASECO2] Keeping Trackmania memory !?

Post by 4TMmemory » 26 May 2014 16:21

That would be very very interresting to have the master admin option to import all locals records from a serve to an other through xaseco2.

With this technics we could have a shared and virtual dedimania 500, dedimania beeing a local 30, shared through all serves by the way (of course it is more than that, because it is the coordination through the 30 best time on every serve for a given map).

PLEASE TRACKMANIA COMMUNITY - TAKE MY EXCELLENT IDEAS IN COUNT !!! Trackmania memory is in the game here ! How many serves has closed and lost all their history of 500 locals records history.. A lot of players found that very sad..

And this is also about keeping the TM as an elite challenge, on some very played serves, beeing in the top 300 is a pride of it's own. Then everytime a serve closes it's all a history of gaming that is gone away. Why does it should stay like that ?! We can reverse this process, through importing locals data from a serve to an other, that's important step towards keeping TRACKMANIA HISTORIC ALIVE.

THIS IDEA WORKS BOTH FOR TM1 and TM2, TM1 is the most concerned because we only have 30 dedimania, and a longer history to save !

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Re: [XASECO2] Keeping Trackmania memory !?

Post by askuri » 27 May 2014 15:52

I already had the same idea but technically it's hard to deploy. It would cause huge traffic amounts, lots of requests through all the servers. There are servers where new records are driven each second. And each second a request would go to a central server which forwards the request for saving to a server, which runs the map. Such a masterserver must be very powerfull, so it would be very expensive.
But yes, the idea is good

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Re: [XASECO2] Keeping Trackmania memory !?

Post by TheBigG » 27 May 2014 16:43

i would prefer if all database could be async like dedimania so you can have your sql server for example by a friend, this would be pretty awesome. you could share one db with multiple users. E.g. if you have 7 Servers in different locations you could let them all connect to one central one via ssh tunnel, also you could update mysql without crashing xaseco, or if your mysql is slow you wouldn't slow the entire xaseco.

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