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Post by Bleus » 10 Oct 2014 16:39

I am the master admin however i cannot pay out any coppers using /admin pay. If i only type in /admin pay it comes up and says /admin pay <login> <number> then i fill in the blanks and it does nothing, I have 67000 coppers in the account so im lost....
any ideas, i have searched and searched no luck hopefully someone has had this before and can help. Thanks

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Re: Coppers

Post by Groxtek. 〤 » 26 Nov 2014 15:28

Dear Bleus,
pay command is only for the server (dunno how learn);
for example, the server has got 1000 coppers and you want pay a player, so "pay command - /admin pay <login> <number>" the server gives the number at the person like do you want give. (1000-number of do you want give him)
To give coppers to him, you can send a message! ;D

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