Xaseco 2 - My Questions

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Xaseco 2 - My Questions

Post by Florenzius » 24 May 2015 19:42

Hello there,

I have some questions about Xaseco (I have a new server)

The Music
I added in the file musicserver.xml a few songs (ogg) and my Server. How to use it ingame? It isn't shown.

Records (Dedi and Local)
I'm sure we find an answer: How to display the dedimania- and local-records in the left and right side?

The Interface¹
How to make the corners square? I mean this: Image

The Interface²
How to add Labels, textboxes, images etc.?

How to add maps ingame by MX-ID?

Thank you :thx:

speedy pilot
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Re: Xaseco 2 - My Questions

Post by weasel » 24 May 2015 21:07

For music :

You have to activate the music plugin and configure it right.
You also need some space online , to host the music files.

Dedi and local :

You have to load a plugin for that, uhm : Records Eyepiece for example.

Maps from MX :

chat comman : /admin add id-nummer
( example : /admin add 86248 )

For the styles :

I try to xplain :
It is a mania link , ingame.
So start the game and go with youre mouse to top left on screen.
There you find .. where you can put tekst for search.
So enter there : style
Then you get a screen with all styles possible in maniaplanet.

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