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Special Character From XAseco To Php

Posted: 12 Mar 2016 20:55
by OMD mick
Hi everybody

I would leave the info Aseco the database, the nickname of the players.
With TMF Color Parser of fish, I could get the color nicknames.
My problem lies in special characters, often used in tag team.

As an example, I will use my nickname, the game is $08fØmл $fffMick .
In Aseco database I have: $08fØмл $f00Mick
In the outgoing in a php variable, it shows me Øмл Mick
by making a utf8_decode ($ username), I get �мл Mick

A first seen XAseco uses utf 8, my db is utf8, php page that reads the base is also utf8.
I use notepad ++, my page directly record utf8 without bom.
I guess the code in the db is good, as XAseco does not display bug me when he reads the db, in game.
Much of is that I find on the net, say to check that everything is in utf8, which is the case.
This concern was addressed in the programs of TMOS style, I try to look in the file, but not a professional in coding, there is a good chance that I either spend a dimension without me see .

sorry for my english, I use google translation
Thank you for your answers .