A vote for restart or skip problem.

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A vote for restart or skip problem.

Post by NoTimeToDrive » 11 Dec 2016 20:36

Hey all ;-)

Can I ask you something?
It's about vote for restart or skip track.

I have a server for Trackmania Forever only.
So no stadium or what else :-)

It's the usbTMFserver from lille79.supersheep.no
Run last version..and all is uptodate!

When I have 5 people's in the server...vote work normale.
If someone ask for restart...it stay in place...and time count off the way in should be.

But now...if there are 6 people's or more in the server.
And someone ask/vote for restart or skip.
It stays for 4 sec or 6sec..but no longer and vote crash.
Vote fail it says!!

So my question is.
Have one of you any idea why this happened?
Or better...is't to fix?

Thx in advance and for your time.

Greetings Ed

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