Serverstats plugin

This Aseco flavor by Mistral contains a comprehensive rank system that orders stats by environment, track and author name. It also contains a built-in lottery system.

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highway camper
highway camper
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Serverstats plugin

Post by virusx » 30 May 2008 12:13

Would it be possible to make a server stats plugin, but a plugin that can create an image (a signature) with the statistics of the server.
the image should include a small graphic on the number of connected players, can be updated, showed that the server is online or not, the total number of slots, details like that.

thank you for the answer

PS: if my eglish is to bad is normal, i'm from belgium ^^

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Re: Serverstats plugin

Post by v000nix » 30 May 2008 13:18

This should all be possible with the pngstats.php of remoteCP4 :wink:

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