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problem with serverrank

Posted: 24 Apr 2009 16:34
by xis101
I have a problem with the serverrank. everything else works fine and no error messages in aseco.log.
It shows always NoRank/0. I have 14 maps on the server and have a rec on all tracks.

the settings:

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//Set to true if you want the rank system active.
$feature_ranks = true;

//Set to true if you want all time's recorded, and /pb command to be active
$feature_stats = true;

//Set to true ONLY if you use the karma feature.
//If you set this to true when you are not will produce errors
$feature_karma = false;

//Set to true if you want jukebox functionality to be extended to include the TMX add feature.
$feature_tmxadd = true;
//Sets the maximum number of records per map
// Lower = Faster
$maxrecs = 200;

//Sets the minimum ammount of records required for a player to be ranked
// Higher = Faster
$minrank = 2;

//Sets the number of time's used to calculate a players average
// Lower = Faster
$maxavg = 1;
does the serverrank only work with a minimum amount of players? or a minimum amount of maps?
which settings should I use, when I want to stay at 14 maps?

Re: problem with serverrank

Posted: 24 Apr 2009 19:23
by Mistral
In default you need a rank (with $minrank records) in every environment to get an average (if i remember right ^^).

If this is a stadium only server, you must find this setting somewhere:

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// Remove ONE comment if you run a single environment server (f.e. TMNF)
//$singleenv = "Stadium";
//$singleenv = "Island";
//$singleenv = "Bay";
//$singleenv = "Coast";
//$singleenv = "Speed";
//$singleenv = "Rally";
//$singleenv = "Alpine";