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Onyx v3

Posted: 25 Jun 2008 22:35
by PaGaisu
Onyx is a free application written in java developed and supported by DnD Networks since 2005.
Onyx is cross platform, the only requirement is java version 6.

*************************************** Download Onyx on ModulOnyx ************************************
*************************************** Download Onyx on ModulOnyx ************************************

Onyx strong points

Fully customizable for server and desktop:
Onyx is delivered with nothing at the installation.
It can be customized and this is done by you. You pick up your modules from the modulonyx repository and copy them in the module directory.
These modules can be server modules (like a web server) or desktop modules ( with a graphic user interfaces).

Tree-based module container:
Onyx respects a tree-based architecture. This is to facilitate and optimize software development and to ease commercial delivery.
Modules can have their own submodules and these submodules can have their own submodules and so on.

Note: You can see the graphic representation of the module tree by adding the UIGraph module (you will need to add UIOnyx and Administration first):

Tree-based web service container:
Onyx can transform easily POJO in services, just by binding this POJO in the onyx naming context. Currently, Onyx hosts a REST and JMX server. So, servives can be access via a classic url ( http://hostname:9900/doSomething() ) or via a jmx connection.
(A JMX connection is obviously the fastest access). XML-RPC and SOAP servers will be added to access your services in a future release.

Note: You can browse the service repository using the RESTweb services page:

Addition and removal of modules on the fly:
Modules can be added and removed without rebooting Onyx. Just copy or delete your modules from the modules directory and Onyx will detect the changes to load,unload or update your modules. This cannot be easier.

Complete monitor tool provided
Onyx is packaged with a monitor tool (made by Sun Microsystem) which is very useful for administrators to watch the server health.
This tool can help a lot: checking the CPU%, memory, thread counts etc...

You can also take a look at the services via JMX in the MBeans tab and call directly method from this tool:

Onyx and its NyxServer module
You can find the NyxServer in the modulonyx repository. This module is packaged with the latest nadeo dedicated server and is able to run javascript plugins. The now famous Dedimania is amongst one of the plugins. Just drop the in the modules directory of you onyx.
You can also create easily your own plugins using the documentation and tutorials

(Onyx+NyxServer) advantages compared to other dedicated server systems

- No need of reboot to load or unload a script.
- Scripts can be crypted to hide sensitive information.
- Monitoring tool to assess the health server.

- The script language is javascript, simple and known by all developers.
- Complete javascript Nadeo API provided with some utility functions.

- Scripts are executed simultaneously thanks to the multi thread engine.
- Scripts are compiled in java bytecode in memory for faster execution.

Special thanks

Special thanks to the onyx team:
- Koko for administrating the onyx-team forum, his tests and his huge amount of scripts.
- Tof for the script support he gives and his scripts.
- netbios for his complete tests and feedbacks on Onyx and scripts.
- Alex for his scripts and advices about programmation.
- Kev717 for his french tutorial and installation support he gives.
- Mr Das for his ideas and his involvement.

You can support the onyx team or suggest ideas in our forum:

Onyx Networks links:

Modulonyx repository:
Javanyx documentation:
Onyx in TM-Forum: viewforum.php?f=129
Onyx in Dedimania forum:
Onyx Manialink (in the game browser): [url=tmtp://:]tmtp://[/url] (also accessible by clicking on the O of Onyx in the menu in an onyx server)
Onyx team forum:
Onyx bug tracker:
DnD Networks:

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 26 Jun 2008 11:39
by CRMax
I have a problem with the TMNyxServer.
I can't join the Nadeo Dedicated server...
As I start start.bat in the dedicated folder everything works.

This is my log:

Code: Select all

26/06/2008 13:38:12 INFO    [TMNyxServer]                   (TMNyxServer):
 Loading the Nadeo dedicated server configuration
26/06/2008 13:38:12 INFO    [TMNyxServer]                   (TMNyxServer):
 Connection attempt to the Nadeo dedicated server
26/06/2008 13:38:12 INFO    [ConnectionManager]             (Thread-5):
 WatchDogThread running
26/06/2008 13:38:12 INFO    [TMNyxServer]                   (TMNyxServer):
 Attaching dedicated config to the connection manager
26/06/2008 13:38:13 INFO    [ConnectionThread]              (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Creating the nadeo controller
26/06/2008 13:38:14 INFO    [NadeoXmlRpcClient]             (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Connection required
26/06/2008 13:38:16 INFO    [NadeoXmlRpcClient]             (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Unable to connect the socket (Connection refused: connect)
26/06/2008 13:38:17 INFO    [NadeoXmlRpcClient]             (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Unable to connect the socket (Connection refused: connect)
26/06/2008 13:38:18 INFO    [NadeoXmlRpcClient]             (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Unable to connect the socket (Connection refused: connect)
26/06/2008 13:38:18 INFO    [NadeoXmlRpcClient]             (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Connection required
26/06/2008 13:38:19 INFO    [NadeoXmlRpcClient]             (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Unable to connect the socket (Connection refused: connect)
26/06/2008 13:38:20 INFO    [NadeoXmlRpcClient]             (NadeoConnectionThre
ad-0): Unable to connect the socket (Connection refused: connect)
Is there someone who can help?

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 26 Jun 2008 13:39
by PaGaisu
Hi CRMax,

You dont have to start yourself the start.bat, the NyxServer will do it for you.

The NyxServer first checks if there is a server already running in the xml port, which explains the connection failure on your log. (so no panic, it s just INFO message).

- If there is not, you ll get these INFO message and then the NyxServer will call the start.bat to run a dedicated server.
- If there is, the NyxServer will connect to the existing one and will not run one of its own.

In my opinion, nothing wrong here, check the LAN Party in your game, you should see Onyx 3.
If there is not, you can send me the full log.

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 26 Jun 2008 14:41
by CRMax
Ok! Thanks...

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 27 Nov 2009 19:00
by Contel@o
Bonjour mon nom est Max alias Conte ... ... J'ai des problèmes pour démarrer VIPSYS-0.2 .. voulez bien, de mettre cela dans votre web trop un tutoriel sur le montage de cette belle application et utile? 1000 .. Merci !!!!!

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 27 Nov 2009 19:47
by Xymph
English only please. :roll:

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 01 Dec 2009 18:12
by PaGaisu
If u want, there is a french tutorial at this location: ... hp?t=25877
This tutorial describes everything u need to know about configuration and installation.
Hope this helps

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 15:59
by pro_info
can I have the link to download "vipsys" please

Re: Onyx v3

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 16:06
by PaGaisu
You should probably ask Koko. He is the one who wrote this system.
But as far as i remember, it was a package of several plugins packaged in one.