Javanyx List for your NyxServer

Onyx with its NyxServer is a plugin container written in java. Nyx plugins are simple javascript text files and can be added and removed on the fly. Some plugins: TMX, Dedimania, NextMapInfo, CopperDonation and many more.

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Pit Crew
Pit Crew
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Javanyx List for your NyxServer

Post by PaGaisu » 27 Jun 2008 08:52

All these scripts are available in the modulonyx repository

NextMapInfo by KOKO aka TortuX
NextMapInfo for TMNyxServer - Display the next track in manialink at top right screen

WelcomeMania by KOKO aka TortuX
WelcomeMania for TMNyxServer - Display a WelcomePage to player

TeamForce by KOKO aka TortuX
TeamForce for TMNyxServer - Manage player on Team Match mode

CopperDonation by KOKO aka TortuX
CopperDonation for TMNyxServer - Send copper to a friend or to the server

dedimania by PaGaisu
Dedimania Record Management

SpeedAdmin by KOKO aka TortuX
SpeedAdmin for TMNyxServer - Restart/Next/EndRound/DeletePreviousTrack by speed cliking

guessnumber by PaGaisu
Guess number game

dedivote by Vegeta
Vote system for nadeo challenges

serverTime by PaGaisu
Displays the server time

dictionary by PaGaisu
Dictionary Script

oracle by PaGaisu
chat bot script, answer question and displays messages randomly.

PrivateMessage by KOKO aka TortuX
PrivateMessage for TMNyxServer - Send private chat message to your friend

disableVote by KOKO aka TortuX
disableVote for TMNyxServer - Disable all vote when an admin is in the server

Cross by KOKO aka TortuX
Cross for TMNyxServer - Display a cross at center of screen

TrainAndFight by KOKO aka TortuX
TrainAndFight for TMNyxServer - Train in TA mode to fight in Round mode

wordhider by PaGaisu
Characters of a word are hidden, they appear one by one. Be the 1st to guess it.

wordmixer by PaGaisu
Characters of a word are mixed randomly. Be the 1st to guess it.

tmxnyx by PaGaisu
Download Maps from TM-Exchange from the game.

rudewords by PaGaisu
As soon as a player use a rude word, he is kicked out.

CopperLottery by KOKO aka TortuX
CopperLottery for TMNyxServer - Send copper at end race

LadderRankDisplay by KOKO aka TortuX
LadderRankDisplay for TMNyxServer - Display rank of a player at connexion

SetNextMap by KOKO vs Alex - ViP Team
SetNextMap for TMNyxServer - Choose your favorite track

translator by PaGaisu
Translates words to help you in case you meet a foreigner

Pit Crew
Pit Crew
Posts: 126
Joined: 16 Jan 2006 10:48

Re: Javanyx List for your NyxServer

Post by PaGaisu » 07 Feb 2009 15:05

The script dedimania has been updated to 1.0.3:
Ehancement: During the endrace screen, the records are now displayed in full on the left of the screen

The script lasttmx has been updated to 1.0.1:
Bug fix: Some map name was breaking the manialink and was not displayed anymore. (fixed)

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