[REQ] Streamplayer + Local Records

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Re: [REQ] Streamplayer + Local Records

Post by PaGaisu » 16 Jul 2008 08:17

You wont be able to open automatically a link on the player game. He will have to click himself for this,
to disable the mapmusic IF wmp open?
You dont have control on this unfortunately

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Re: [REQ] Streamplayer + Local Records

Post by jamie_macdonald » 30 Aug 2008 06:01

I'm not too good with scripting etc ... but could you not have a second action for that playlist button - ie: also force music to a blank track or sumin?

Bit of a bodge i know but cant think of another way to force no music to a player other than forcing blank audio track lol

I'm not sure if you can force music to just 1 user though ... that someone else will have to help ya with ^^

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