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Online Survival Mode

Posted: 22 Dec 2008 17:25
by PaGaisu
Thanks to this script, you ll have a new mode for your dedicated server.

This mode is mostly inspired from the offline PowerUp Survival.
It means that each round, one player will be eliminated: the slowest.
And then a final will occur between the 2 fastest:

Note1: There is a minimum of 3 players needed for this mode.
Note2: The eliminated ones are not kicked, they are switched automatically to the spectator mode.

To configure the script: open the module.xml with a txt editor.
2 parameters:

Code: Select all

<!-- auto will means the server is configured for survival mode, if not auto, you will have to activate the survival each time by typing /survival or using the Onyx menu -->
<entry key="auto">false</entry>

<!-- Admin login list, should be separated by , : admin1,admin2,admin3  
 if empty, everybody can activate the survival  -->
<entry key="admins"></entry>
Download:: at the usual place: Modulonyx repository