2 Servers with OnyX

Onyx with its NyxServer is a plugin container written in java. Nyx plugins are simple javascript text files and can be added and removed on the fly. Some plugins: TMX, Dedimania, NextMapInfo, CopperDonation and many more.

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2 Servers with OnyX

Post by maau » 04 Aug 2009 23:44

Well, I have read the other topic but it's too advanced for me. From the very beginning, how do I setup 2 servers with Onyx ? One is for Nations and the other for United, but that's no problem for me, as I can change the TMX sites and all that kinda setup. I just wanna know how to run 2 servers with OnyX, the same plugins as in the 1 I have now, and if possible, with the same settings. If I Have to config the settings again, that's no prob.

PaGaisu, Koko, OnyX users ? Can you help me pleeeaaase ? :ftw:


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Re: 2 Servers with OnyX

Post by PaGaisu » 06 Aug 2009 10:32

Translation from the kev717 post in the FAQ: http://forum.onyx-team.org/viewtopic.php?id=79

To run several servers, you need 2 TMNyxServer with different directory names ( example: TMNyxServer_1 and TMNyxServer_2, but you can choose the name you want). Be careful: dont put one of the 2 directory names "TMNyxServer" as Onyx will load only one server.

If you leave the other modules as they are, they will be loaded only the the first server started by Onyx.

So to choose on which server the modules will run, you must add <entry key="parent">TMNyxServer_1</entry> in the module.xml if you want the module to run on the server with a directory name TMNyxServer_1.

To have the same module to run on the 2 servers, you must have twice the same module with different directory names (example: inirecords and inirecords2, you can also choose the directory names you want).
In one of them, you should add <entry key="parent">TMNyxServer_1</entry>, and on the other one <entry key="parent">TMNyxServer_2</entry>.

During the configuration of the 2nd server, dont forget to choose different port numbers and also a different account.


To sum up the kev post:
- 2 directories containing each a TMNyxServer (TMNyxServer_1 and TMNyxServer_2 for example)
- To run a script (example inirecords) on the server TMNyxServer_2, add <entry key="parent">TMNyxServer_2</entry> on the module.xml of the inirecords.
- If you want inirecord to run on the TMNyxServer_1 as well, create a new directory inirecords2 containing the module inirecords and add <entry key="parent">TMNyxServer_1</entry> on the module.xml of the inirecords2.

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