Two Servers with the same Servermania?

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Two Servers with the same Servermania?

Post by rastafe » 16 Sep 2009 11:43

Hello again friends.

At the moment I have 1 server 0-60K with Servermania, Xaseco, Fufi Menu, Fufi Widgets, etc and works fine.

Now I want to create a second server 60K-70K, so I read on the forum and already I must have 2 Dedicated Server, Xasecos, switch ports, etc, and can keep the same database with different tracks to avoid creating conflicts.

My question:

I create this second server with the same Servermania or need reinstall servermania in a different folder to the first server?.

If i can create with the same servermania, as load the 2 servers simultaneously?.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Two Servers with the same Servermania?

Post by Mort » 19 Sep 2009 07:51

You can run multiple servers from the same TM server directory without any problems. Servermania automatically names the config and log files with "serverx" so you don't get conflicts. It also means you can have all your tracks in the same place and both servers can use them.

I've been running 6 servers from the same TM server directory for 9 months now without any problems.

when you set them up in SM, you do need to give each server different ports. Just add 1 to the ports used by your current server, then just setup SM with the account name of the new server and you should be good.

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