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This is the forum for ServerMania which is a graphical dedicated server controller software written in .NET framework.

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Internet Help

Post by Nic-Nac » 23 May 2010 09:19

when i press conect and the board apears it says ''WARNING You seem to be in a private network.Unless you haveconfigured your NAT, the other players on internetwill not be able to join in'' what should i do plz anser me :ftw:

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Re: Internet Help

Post by Mort » 25 May 2010 12:59

It is a warning message. If everything works you can ignore it. If things don't work then you need to read the first post in the FAQ.

If you can see your server when looking for local server then you know the server is up. Everything else then depends on your internet router or firewall config.

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