Ask here for having a RoC server from June 2018

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Re: Ask here for having a RoC server from June 2018

Post by Alinoa » 26 Feb 2018 10:22

Hi everyone,

If you want to run a 80k/100k server from June 2018, please send me a Private Message by providing me with the following information:
-your server login (please specify if it's a United or a Stadium one)
-the player login from which the coppers will be sent
-your tracks pack (14 maximum): to know what kind of tracks is required, please read this topic.

Cheers :D
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Jens Struve
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Re: Ask here for having a RoC server from June 2018

Post by Jens Struve » 01 May 2018 17:29

tm: login : manuela15
server: login cosmoundwanda
We wish to make validate our server Rock 100 K
URL: tmtp://#join=cosmoundwanda12
So if you want to run a 100k server (United
GC5 - Snake yyy_wally Speed 00:49.00
GC5-Echoes nbaa Speed 00:46.50
GC4-D-PoWa-Rounds Co01 Dengel Coast 00:52.00
Dynamik [RoC] kripke Alpine 00:48.00
ESL- Moofushi Island Resort tcq Island 00:50.00
GC5-Jericho jakob Coast 00:54.00
GC9 Utopia kajczy Alpine 00:52.00
TechSnow gameurs Alpine 00:51.00
GC7 - Speedy BoObs arkone Bay 00:50.00
GC5-Reality arkone Bay 00:49.00
RoC X of way stadler Island 00:52.00

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