Complaining about Speed-Fun United server

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Re: Complaining about Speed-Fun United server

Post by holzi3441 » 10 May 2009 12:27

This is from Alinoa:
Hi all

I'm trying to clarify some of rules regarding the +50k servers.
For all the +50k servers :
- public server means that players and spectators don't have to enter a password to login.
- no guests lists system
- no kick or ban for bad reasons
- at least 6 spectator places for the servers between 40k and 80k.

Regarding the tracks quality, we don't have yet found the best format for the + 70k servers.
Lol maps are not allowed and some Full speed tracks can be tolerated (if they have skill on it, if players have to train them to finish them for example). However full speed tracks are not allowed for RoC servers. Until we have defined the rules more precisely, you can use tracks whose length > 45 seconds with technical / acrobatic or speed parts. The ESWC or ESL tracks are interesting in more ways than one and can be selected. But I don't think the tracks format can be the same as for the ESWC tracks. So I will come back toward you regarding the tracks format within two weeks.

edited on 2009 march 16th regarding the permission of adding full speed tracks
here it is: viewtopic.php?f=132&t=17013

I think this means not, that we dont have to use a blacklist or only for a short time.

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