problem with my accound !!! very important

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problem with my accound !!! very important

Post by DRE69 » 14 May 2009 16:26

Hi all

since 3 days ago i had 77077 LP now when i race games i get Lp but when i quit server i lose my LP again so i dont gain any XP i keep on 77077 Lp whats wrong whit it??

Please help me

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Re: problem with my accound !!! very important

Post by NANI » 14 May 2009 16:38

try this topic

dude have you try see your rank classification ladder? :?

maybe in that your points go up and in your account o cause this problem i've got too and other guys
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Re: problem with my accound !!! very important

Post by Xymph » 14 May 2009 19:02

NANI wrote:try this topic
You messed up your URL tags. Also, there are multiple threads about this in the Ladder forum, several of which are locked because people don't check existing threads before creating a new one. This thread is likely to meet the same fate. The active thread is here.
DRE69 wrote:69dre69
You are a known cheater so the LP problem is perhaps something you actually deserve. :twisted:
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