Login problem masterserver

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highway camper
highway camper
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Login problem masterserver

Post by germaik » 10 Aug 2009 22:40

Hey guys,

I'm trying to run a server on my hosting. It's a linux server so i downloaded the linux TM server.
Everything is in place and my logs give that he starts correctly. Still when he wants to log on the master server, he says that my login is incorrect. see here the consolelog

Code: Select all

 Configuration file : dedicated.cfg
 Loading system configuration...
 ...system configuration loaded
 Listening for xml-rpc commands on port 5002.
 Loading dedicated server configuration...
...Dedicated server configuration loaded
 Match settings file : MatchSettings\Internet\AdvancedTraining.txt
 Loading match settings...
 ...Match settings loaded
 Autostart server on internet
Starting server...
 Connecting to master server...
 ...ERROR: wrong login
 ...Server stopped
 Ready, waiting for commands.
I read on the internet that i only had to make an account on the game and then use it for the server. (done this)
Then i read i had to register this user on a page (https://player.trackmania.com/main.php) but i can't even log in with that user.

So, what am i doing wrong?


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Re: Login problem masterserver

Post by matzi » 11 Aug 2009 10:20

germaik wrote:Hey guys,
(https://player.trackmania.com/main.php) but i can't even log in with that user.
Another guy once had a similar problem: the password he'd set ingame was too long and the rest was discarded - the max length of pwds are extremly short in TM (don't know the number atm...) but because you can't login on the playerpage I think it might be that sort of problem...

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