ROC Servers.

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highway camper
highway camper
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ROC Servers.

Post by rampantsmurf » 06 Dec 2009 16:03

i find the "sunday race" set up so unfair.

here i list my reasons why. :

how many players will end up spending so much time sitting in spec? waste of the little 3 hours we have. is 8 players and so few servers, really enough to accomodate all the racers 80k + that want to race.

why is there so much variation in the points systems, some have 95 point limit, some have 10, the ones with 10 are crap, 6th,7th and 8th place only get 1 point, what chnace do they have of cathing or making up points?

why only have 3pm to 6pm gmt? is that fair to the usa players, or china, japan etc? nadeo are happy to take thier money for the game, but not allow them to race at conviniant times?

why are the tracks so "techy". i hear people say that there is no skill in full speed maps? what a load of codswallop, top tech racers might not be able to race well in full speed maps, and top full speed racers may not be able to race well in tech maps, does this not even it self out. it feels like, that if i want to continue to try and get more than the 90'k points allowed i have to try to play maps i do not enjoy. well how can that be fair, i have paid my money too, do we not have a voice in what/when i can race.
you get 90k then nothing for a week till the roc servers open again, wtf is that all about??? how many players over 90k now have 1,2,3,4,5 accounts just so that they can get points.?

look i am not one generaly to have "go" at things, but im afraid frustration has got the better of me. im gutted, i h love this game so much, my kids play it, my friends, loads of people. but i dont know how much i can deal with it, i just find that the players between 70k and 90k are up **** creek without a paddle.

im not expecting anything to change, just because i waffle on like some old lady on her way to bingo. but what i would like is some reasuurance from nadeo that things are/will be looked out and try to be made fairer for everyone. was it their plan for players to have loads and loads of accounts, i would think not.

moan over.

rampant smurf.

(ps) remember im not looking to fight, just expresing my feelings, that im sure many many others feel also.

highway camper
highway camper
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Re: ROC Servers.

Post by Mikstasmurf » 06 Dec 2009 16:36

I took a 6-7 month break from game, and i loved the new TM when i came back, i got back with my old clan of great friends and raced with them again.

I got told about the "race of champion" servers and i thought "wow, sounds awsome" so i went on gaining LP as fast as i could to join a friends in a ROC server for the first time.

I bought the game again ( 2x 20 pounds) so that i could race a second account for lp gain while my main sat on 90k waiting for ROC. Problem was ROC servers are a huge let down, it only benifits people who are Tech heads, I didnt think this was very fair but i stuck with it and got around 905000 on first roc weekend and i was really happy thinking it was good.

Then i found out 90500 is actually pretty bad, as the "tech" head people were getting up to 92k+. Every roc server has the same select few who finish 1-2-3 and gobble up all the points while the people who dont like tech get angry and fraustrated wasting 3 hours on a sunday (which is usually familly day/relax ect ect) either scrapping for 6th or 7th or sitting in spec.

This is how my week usually goes.
Monday - take a look how many LP deducted, then race as much as possible around working hours to get back up to 90k
Teusday - Hit 90k, start raceing my second account
Rest of the week - look foward to some 100k raceing, while raceing on my second account.
Sunday - Team up with my buddy and hit a roc server, only to remember how unfair and time wasteing it is.

We have all bought the game to play, so how come we are dictated to on how we can play somthing we bought? You dont see xbox or Wii owners beeing told by the console bigwigs they can only play it for 3 hours on a certain day. Doesnt make sense does it?

Somthing really needs to be looked in on this cause as it stands the only people who benifit from roc are Euro tech heads really. For the rest of us who bought the game to play and enjoy are left feeling rejected and angry cause we cant challange for top spots unless we become pure tech heads (which i dont want to be) I think everyone should have a choice how they want to race.

Please Nadeo, look in to this formula.

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Re: ROC Servers.

Post by JuniorKick » 07 Dec 2009 14:39

I am agree 100% to you rampant, i think you know that :-)

But i dont think that nadeo is interesstet in fix that problem.

Sorry for my bad english, i try to give you a way how nadeo can fix the hole problems:

Make a 1. Division and a 2. Division.

Everyone startet in the 2. Devision, with the same Server and ladder points with today but with
there will be Server from 90.000 til without end. and can be played everytime

So you dont have the problems that players are angry when they only can drive sundays to get more pionts or
must drive only Tech Tracks.

And in the 1. Division, where you can upgrade when you have 90K from 2. Division,
you startet with 0 1.Divison LP´s. And in the 1. Division nadeo can make the laddersystem and track
verifikation like now on the RoC Servers. And when the player dont want to play anymore in the 1. Devision
he can downgrade to the 2. Devision (where he startet again by 90K LP from 2. Division.

When you make this you dont have the problems like this, and the "Beste Drivers" (Tech-Drivers :-)
can play the hole week in the 1. Division.

A second Problem you can stop so. You can do frome nadeo site it so, that only Driver can go in the
1.Division when they have TMUF (so everyone must buy TMUF when he would like to go in
the 1. Division)

So this where my idear for fix the problems and stop make players angry like it is now.

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