Serveur Dirt Competitive racers 40000-80000 Lp

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Re: Serveur Dirt Competitive racers 40000-80000 Lp

Post by norko2007 » 17 Mar 2013 10:35

Today I spent  my server to 80K. :thumbsup:
Max. Players: 16
Length of tracks: >30s.
Public (no pass)
Game mode: Race (but i see in this post that Rounds are allowed, that is what I want for my server)

But when I entered the server only 40k-60k :(

What I need to validate the server as 80k.?
Thanks for your attention.

Login server=rfr-rally
Spain | Comunidad Valenciana
Server link:
Server name: Freezone|Я·ƒŖ|Rally|

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Re: Serveur Dirt Competitive racers 40000-80000 Lp

Post by weasel » 26 Mar 2013 17:18

Did you make a server account on player page ?
Also a ladder server 80 K ?

Looks like this :

Competitive racers
40000-80000 LP

Race or stunt tracks
16 players max
Public, Validation seed, Referee[1]
Tracks length >= 30 seconds


So the cost are 40000 coppers.

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