Trackmania 2: Videos and images

Discuss anticipation, facts and video's of the newly announced Trackmania 2 game!

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Re: Trackmania 2: Videos and images

Post by metoxys » 16 Mar 2010 13:42

TheM wrote:/me can't wait for TM 2 ^^
omg you stole that from /me!
/me rulez
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Re: Trackmania 2: Videos and images

Post by Rafracer » 17 Mar 2010 17:45

Oh wow...

I don't log into this forum for a while (a few months) and they announce TM 2? Wow, just wow... Now I have two sequels to look forward to! :D (Portal 2 got announced recently)

The above message did not actually exist, and you just wasted a minute of your life reading a fabrication of your mind.

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