Sequentially Numbered Checkpoints

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Re: Sequentially Numbered Checkpoints

Post by Trackmaniack » 03 Jun 2010 15:33

otmb;ripbox wrote:no no no no no!!!! it nothing at all about finding short-cuts...... its about finding the fastest route between 2 points while passing through all the checkpoints (if any)
Nations n00bs have destroyed the rules of TM..... nothing but a bunch of free loading cry baby retards..... i so hope they don't make a free version of TM2!..... give them something better to cry about!

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There were rules to TM? I thought the whole point was that there WERE no rules...point a...point b...that's it. Especially with no collisions...
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Re: Sequentially Numbered Checkpoints

Post by SpeedBean » 08 Jul 2010 07:07

I think it would be a good option, but Nadeo would never dare force us to use numbered checkpoints...
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Re: Sequentially Numbered Checkpoints

Post by Lyian » 06 Jul 2011 06:02

Humm.. this idea seems to have been manipulated into something i didn't intend.

What i wanted to see, was.. for example. A fork. Each path leading to two different kinds of track routes. Like in Stadium, one is a dirt path, one is a pavement path. Taking either way would result in relatively the same finish time, but would give options based on which type someone can drive better. Or something to that effect.

How about this instead. Not necessarily forced checkpoint numbers, (ie 1, 2 3) but linked check points. So you could place say 5 check points in a track, but two of them could be linked together, So that if you pass though one of them, you wouldn't need to pass though the other, cause they would act as the same checkpoint. Thus leaving the other non linked ones 'pass though as you will' as they are now. That might work better, especially how people already do that with Finish lines in many tracks. (if you get enough speed, you can jump to this higher, but closer finish line, if not, hit the farther, but lower finish lines)

Also, I hate tracks that you can cut major time off in. I think it destroys the spirit of the track itself, and how it was meant to be run. Its pure exploitation imo.

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Re: Sequentially Numbered Checkpoints

Post by Mac Matrix » 08 Jul 2011 23:46

El Fuego wrote:So what's the difference between a cut (i.e. NOT following the defined track so as to take the quickest route between checkpoints) and what you describe? No matter how you try to word it, it is the same thing. ;)
ripbox has obviously never been banned from a server for 'cutting' ;)

And don't worry, I get what the OP is trying to say. I've always wanted 'alternate route checkpoints' in Trackmania ... I suppose it may have to be something you do in the editor (maybe when you've placed the checkpoints, you have to 'number' them ... maybe there's just a button somewhere that lets you assign the order).

Also ripbox - since you're saying that "Trackmania should only be played by finding the fastest route possible" then does that mean you're not a fan of circuit tracks or RPG tracks? Trackmania is not just about -that-, Trackmania is about creativity. Not everybody wants to drive the same way you drive, as I just suggested. Respect how other people enjoy the game ;)
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