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Posted: 21 Apr 2013 17:46
by STaRGaZeR
As the title says, well: antialiasing.

What did you do to TM2 Stadium? Why did you remove MSAA used in all previous TM versions and instead use the absolutely horrible FXAA? Since Trackmania Nations ESWC I've been playing all the TM games and enjoying the absolutely brilliant image quality and clarity of the games. In fact, this is a game that needs tons of AA in order to avoid being a jaggy mess, pretty much what it is now. There's very little difference between enabling and disabling FXAA. I understand FXAA has its uses and all, but offering FXAA only is...

Are there any plans to fix this mess and offer the option to use MSAA and its fantastic quality like in previous TM games? Or are we stuck with FXAA?

Cheers :1