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My Trackmania Wii Review (for GameOn)

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 19:13
by pobmaestro
You may or may not know that I covered the development of Trackmania Wii and Turbo over the past couple of years. Trackmania Wii was released in Europe late last year but I did not review the game at the time due to personal reasons. However I have now written a review for Here is the full link to the review: ... wii-review

And here is a snippet:

"Addiction and frustration often go hand-in-hand to produce a ‘pull with a twist' experience. Trackmania oozes this type of torment by providing diverse and outlandish tracks with which to race and compete for every millisecond in order to fabricate the best possible lap. Trackmania is not just a racer though as respite comes in the form of a track builder, making the control system of the Nintendo Wii the perfect platform for a first port to the shores of console land."

This review has been picked to be transformed into a video review for the site so I'll post a link to that once it is done. My other creative media work for Trackmania can be found in my signature below. Enjoy :thumbsup: