My First Track: Rock Star!

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highway camper
highway camper
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My First Track: Rock Star!

Post by madpistol » 24 Aug 2008 04:39

Please download and leave feedback on how it is. A word of caution: You need to be moderately advanced to complete this track. It's mostly curves and loops. I've included a GPS so you can see how the track is played if you don't know how.

Link: Rock Star.Challenge.Gbx

File is 56kb, so I couldn't upload it to this forum... :?


EDIT: I've already made a couple revisions so the track should be more playable now. The GPS has also been improved. :)

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wheelbarrow operator
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Re: My First Track: Rock Star!

Post by noiz » 25 Aug 2008 16:36

Well, for a first track it's got great flow and it's mostly fullspeed. I take it you're new in the tm world, please correct me if I'm wrong. The reason I think that way is the same way I thought about how "hard" my track is. This track is actually not for "moderately advanced" but "beginner" players. You'd be amazed how sick the tracks can get and people still complete them in under 2hrs. It took me only 3 attempts to complete the track with a gold and I consider myself a beginner. And here's why it was easy to me:

The loops and wallrides have standard patterns, so I knew right away what to expect and how to drive through them. Also, so much loops and walls one after the other slow down the car, so it's even easier to navigate through them.

Now, what I think you should pay attention to in the future:

- Don't make the track repetative. Let the players have to do some precision instead of just wallriding their way through and letting the physics engine do the rest.
- The track is supposed to be fullspeed from what I figured, and it seems like it's quarter-speed. Why? You've got massive, long, wide curves, on the ground and in loops/walls, making the car seem slower. The 1 minute needed to complete the track actually felt long and a bit boring to me after the 2nd attempt.
- The finish line should be a hard thing to get, but yours is just way to random. Other than doing a cut on the entire end with a lot of loops and going right at the beginning of them and on the floor, there's little chance to go through any other finish line except the lowest ones.

I hope I didn't sound to harsh, I'm telling you these cuz I realised some things about the stadium level with time and after playing a good deal of stadium tracks that are very well thought out. Try to get as much action from as few blocks possible. Here's a good example of a sick, sick fullspeed track that makes the car appear much faster because small blocks were used: "Hold your color" by joost. Now that's a hard track :mrgreen:

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