Coolcars TMUF-Tracks!

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Coolcars TMUF-Tracks!

Post by Coolcar » 04 Dec 2008 10:50

Hi everyone! :)

My name is Coolcar (my Login-name is apollonike).I´m german (and my english is not sooo good. ^^) and I play Trackmania since Trackmania Original. Trackmania Sunrise ive only played by my friend. ^^" But in summer I got TMUF and like it so much!! :)
Now I want to show you my tracks.

So, i show to you my 3 newest tracks.

It doesnt matter whether it would seem a good or a bad track,
here you get EVER counterfeedback!!


So, here is my neweset track:


(To get to tmx click on the image)

Its my third Island-track. I love island. XD
Its a 1 Minute race with a lot of Loopings and one of these is a special double-loop. I hope you understand how to drive this Sh*t. ^^ Well, when you watch the GPS you make it.

i´ve done all things with Mediatracker:
Intro (Attention: Seizure-warning. A lot of red color :twisted: )
InGame MT (Cam-change and GPS)
Outro (Well.. nothing to say to this ^^)

The music in this track ist "Mist Flow" of Kenji Hikita. Its not soooo good, but when you don´t like it, you can make the music off.

I hope you have fun, give me an award and upload a few replays. hehe...

My Christmas tree 2008
(To get to TMX click on the image)
Hey, its christmas time!!

I have decorated my virtual Trackmania-tree and i want to show it to you!! ^^

Have fun with it and when you like it award it!

The music is Basshunter - Jingle Bells

Trust in you
(To get to tmy click on the image)
My second island track and i love it!

Its full of power and speed!

The song in the game is "Trust in you" of The Offspring. (My favourite song in the moment)

The track had A LOT OF LOOPINGS and few Wallrides. ^^

Intro, Outro, Ingame MT and GPS.

I hope you have fun with it!!!

Greets, Coolcar.

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