New Tracks by PseudoBob

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New Tracks by PseudoBob

Post by pseudonymicbob » 15 Aug 2009 03:59

Track With A Really Insane Jump 2 is here! You know you want to hit a jump at 500 kilometers an hour.
Try it: ... 48938#auto

Look at the replay if you have problems with the jump.

Looking for smooth Tracks? I have the track for you. ... 48950#auto
Sunset Bay: A very smooth track that is beautiful and actually hilariously easy. ... 48947#auto
Road Surfing: Somewhat harder than Sunset Bay but still very smooth. It's pretty bumpy in the beginning though :D

Finally, a :thumbsup: and a :1 to you.

Good luck with the tracks.
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Oh, and BTW, I'm now in the top 100 for medals in my state :)

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