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The Ripbox Project : Island

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 10:41
by otmb;ripbox
Hi and welcome to The Ripbox Project
The aim of this game is to take the track and edit it in any way shape or form, weather that be block mixing, basic or advanced editing, MT custom signs ect...... the track is your playground
Yes this does mean if you want to edit someone's part then you can do it!!!
Anything goes Big or Small
There is only one rule!!!!!! The Track name MUST stay as it is!!!!! "The Ripbox Project : Island"

So iv set the ball rolling..... now its time to see how this track will mutate :thumbsup:

Once you've done your part post back here with a working link for the next person to download and edit

click the link to download the track

PS there is no time limit as to how long you can take or when this project will end the track or tracks will just continue to mutate

Re: The Ripbox Project : Island

Posted: 16 Jul 2010 04:16
by SpeedBean
heres my track, ... uto%23auto
And TMX code: 2957195
Its by no means my best track so dont judge me