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Nadeo tracks good for competition

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 15:58
by *MaStEr
So we are planning a little LAN here in our local Internet cafe. There probably won't be lots of good players so we decided to go with Nadeo tracks. Thing is, I haven't played them since I got the author medals proabably a few years ago :D As such, I don't really know which are suitable for good competition between amateur players (no/little dirt, no loops etc., closest to the classical tech) and I don't want to go through all of them now.

So a simple question: does anyone have/can make a list of the tracks?

Re: Nadeo tracks good for competition

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 10:48
by eXtreme34
Hi and welcome. :)
1/ Avoid maps which are really lower than 45 sec, I think that 42 sec minimum is a good limit. ;)
2/ Avoid Island tracks. Really. Big jumps are prohibited in Tech, and every Island Tracks contain at least one (except IslandD4, which has loops).
3/ Desert tracks : you should go with DesertC5 and D3, because other C, and D1 and D5 are too short, D4 has a big annoying jump (and more globally, the map itself is annoying ^^) and D2 has random things.
4/ You can maybe take StadiumD2 and D4, because D2 is something like a bit tricky and D4 is a good tech track.
5/ About Rally : D4 and D5 pass well, as C5, so you can take all three. ;)
6/ About Bay : D1 is something like f***, D2 has a cut and isn't that good, I think you can take D3, D4 has a big annoying jump and D5 has a cut. So D3 and D5.
7/ About Coast : D1, D2 and D4. D3 is annoying and has a big annoying drop, and D5 has a damn jump.
8/ Finally, avoid Snow. C4 is a s***, D2 isn't that bad maybe but there's a loop, and... Hm yes, just avoid Snow.

Finally, to recap :

So no Island and no Snow. ;)
Good luck for your LAN ;)