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Wunderhund's District - TMUF enviromix track -

Posted: 09 Nov 2015 02:58
by deskjethp
Here's an old enviromix (stadium car on island blocks) track I ran across: ... 51408#auto

I happened across it on a server one day and loved it since it is a very fast track and smoothly with the right line. It also introduced me to the interesting enviromix physics where skidding makes you accelerate more than normal. I've driven it probably 1000+ times and it's one of my very few dedimania records. I've managed to drive a 2:15.53 and think a 2:14.7x is possible based on my best sectors. If anyone would ever get a 2:14.xx on it I'd love to see it. (please)

So all that being said, please go give this track a whirl. It's a joy to hunt and I'd love for others to enjoy pushing its limits.