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Old user, need help finding a track

Posted: 02 Apr 2018 17:25
by TheNatu
Hi. Just registered for this one reason. There was this TMUF Island server called "TMRS Island" a long time ago. Haven't really played the game in years but me and a few friends picked it up again because it's great to keep in touch. But anyhow, this server had one of the most ridiculous tracks ever, and I can't find it. I've searched the exchange ( and even had to hard crack my account there, but the track seems to be gone. Server down, track gone, didn't have it in my old documents save. Anyone wanna help an old user back in the game? Server track lists, other exchanges, or something like that? Thank you so much! :)


Re: Old user, need help finding a track

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 20:11
by NoTimeToDrive
Hey Natu.

Maybe you can visit my server.
Which have a lot tracks from that time :thumbsup:

Server name: PlaneTMX FunTime!!!

It's TMUF and only island tracks.
Island is my favo env. :lovetm

I have 2 TMRS tracks.
You can search in server with /list TMRS
Or anyname behind the /list.
The track you searched...
Not sure if i have have it.
Gone search it later :pil

notimetodrive was a name i had a long time.
but now MX Way Of Life.
Maybe you remember me :idea:
A lot old players turned back again already.
So you are welcome!! :D

TMRS was a great time :3

Grt Ed