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Post by Crusard » 09 Feb 2006 20:46

Well, you could let us make accounts for free then :roll:

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Post by derFeineHerr » 09 Feb 2006 22:25

I have a friend with the same Problems too. All I know is what isnt the reason :)
1. you dont have to register ur account i have even a skin running, and it runned well even before I registered my Account
Account registration is only neede if u want others to see youre skin in Onlinegames, I m not hundert Procent shure, but thats what i heared so far.
2. It doesnt depend on peer to peer. cause its Youre Computer no peer to peer is needed to see Youre own skin on youre own screen and PC. peer to peer is again online important if u want other peoples to see youre skin.
=> I would say its a bug, so tell Nadeo about it and hope they solve it :)

highway camper
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Post by sith-man » 09 Feb 2006 22:33

go to your profile options and tell it to alow custom cars... or somthing along that line... other people won't be able to see it unless they have that option turned on, but yeah...

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Post by VincentGarcia » 15 Feb 2006 08:28


I think its logical that it worked for you. Because all both of you had the skin installed. So nothing must be transferd. I think the Game first searches the stadiumcar folder for the skin name. Is there one with the same name the other online player are using. the game takes it. otherwise it loads it from the other player. But second is not shure. But i think for transfer you have to register your key. but i dont really know.

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Post by Moke » 25 Apr 2006 10:49

What Vincent says seems to make sence...

You both had the skin installed, so therefor you can see it.

If you dont allready have it, you need to DL it from the guy who uses it, but that isnt possible unless he has authorized his account and therefor getting p2p enabled..

Perhabs the p2p option can be bypassed if you upload you skin to some public place ??

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Post by JarC » 30 Apr 2006 17:07

Florent wrote:the p2p is enable only for authenficated account

the problem is that if it would not be like this, too many datas that can cause problem (critical for childs) would circulate online.
It certainly is up to Nadeo to decide whether or not to allow this, but please come up with a better explanation than this. There is one critical flaw in this logic. If the reason is to prevent child critical images to be spread, then following the same logic, this p2p rule should be extended to prevent custom content in tracks too for accounts that have not been authenticated..

Sofar I have seen online on custom tracks.

(soft)porn on bilboards.
copyrighted videoclips on animationpanels
Use of copyrighted image material.

So there is room for improvement.

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Post by daemon » 03 May 2006 00:17

I've seen a lot of pr0n avatars. :shock: 8)
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