new car skins

Find here all the Skins of the Community. For more Skins you can go on Carpark :

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highway camper
highway camper
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new car skins

Post by Bluerider » 13 Mar 2006 00:35

Any place other than carpark to get car skins?

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smooth traffic navigator
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Post by Runningman » 13 Mar 2006 01:20

search all 5 forums
find all the links on each of the 5 sites
find links to peoples home pages
make you want to look at with a trial version of photoshop :wink:
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highway camper
highway camper
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Post by kaju » 13 Mar 2006 17:43

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Post by I_polish » 01 May 2006 19:28

What I should make to skins were in game "put" [??? :( :( :? :? :evil:
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happy cruiser
happy cruiser
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Post by Ls777 » 08 Jan 2007 22:48

Forget Photoshop;
try the GIMP:

As good as photoshop, but with a better price (0$)

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