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Posted: 01 Jan 2010 18:28
by ShadowXXX
i followed the how to paint your own skin guide on TMC, but i dont understand this step:
The last step is to re-establish the original pre-shading of the objects.

Therefor, load the complete original Prelight texture and insert it as a layer/object on the top of all others.
i have photoshop 7.0, what do i need to do?

Re: Help

Posted: 03 Jan 2010 01:26
by Archdeluxe
okay, heres what you do:

1. load all of your "Layers" for yuor skin, then create a new empty layer on top of the others.
2. go to where to downloaded the original 3D modle for the car you are skining, and download the 'Template" file.
3. open said 'Template file and find the one labled "Pre-Light"
4. copy the "Pre-light" image into your skin's top most layer slot. Make sure you set some sort of Oppacity so that the skin undernieth shows throguh it.
5. test it out in TMNF or TMUF and mkae sure you got the correctly desired results.
6. enjoy skinning more cars.