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Importing car skins from car park

Posted: 04 Feb 2010 18:51
by Duppo
Hi there,

I have a problem iporting skins downloaded from car-park. Can anyone please explain step by step how to import downloaded skin that it would be visible for other players. Ive forvarded ports tryed to put it in carcommon folder and nothing other see just grey car. I have tmuf version of game. thanks.

Re: Importing car skins from car park

Posted: 04 Feb 2010 19:10
by Shaigan
I think you need to be a bit patient... It is going by P2P (maybe you used the locator system, so the P2P system is not used for the main file). If a skin is 9 MB size, it will tale some time to be published to other players... The game will distribute it to all player playing with you at the same time on a server.

Re: Importing car skins from car park

Posted: 09 Feb 2010 07:41
by Archdeluxe
just a simple question, i know its silly, but i have to ask: did you remember to go into your "Profile" area and select witch car you where going to be driving? I only ask as a few people have done that one before.

Re: Importing car skins from car park

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:39
by The Doctor
Have you personalized the car in any way?
If not then I think that many of the cars on CarPark have locators for them. How big is the file? How long did you wait on the server? have you tested the locator by pasting the URL in it into a web browser?

The Manual method:
1) Download the car from carpark and place the ZIP file into the right directory. And of course do not unzip it!
If the car has geometry in the zip file then place it into the CarCommon folder. Look in the zip to see if it has something called MainBody.gbx or something like that. That is the 3d model for the car. The file is the skin that is painted on the model. if it doesn't have geometry then the skin needs to go into the right environment folder.
2) Put the locator in the same folder as your car. IF it doesn't have a locator then I would suggest to upload the car to fileden or some such place and make your own locator.

Most active players upload their skins to a file up-loader that offers direct downloads. They then make a locator for the skin. That is the URL for the file put into a text document and renamed (SkinNameHere).zip.loc
This is placed into the directory with your car skin. when you select the skin in your profile it will pick up the locator with the car. Then all your system has to do is to pass the locator to the other players and they download the skin from the up-loader instead of your system.

But you still have to have ports forwarded so that you can pass the locator.

3) restart the game and then pick your car from the list in the Profile. Others will then see it if ports are forwarded correctly.