Blank Everytime (please help)

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highway camper
highway camper
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Blank Everytime (please help)

Post by CrazyRay » 03 Jun 2010 20:23

I have spent the past 3 days searching, reading tutorials, and attempting many different things to try to figure out how to get a custom texture to work (with either basic or downloaded cars). I have edited textures in many different games. I completely understand the basics as far as size dimensions, formats, and files. I can not get anything to work in TM.

I take a zip file from the TM skin file (or download a zip file for a custom car), I extract it to My Documents. I have tried editing the skin in Photoshop and just in MSpaint. I have saved them in several dss formats using the photoshop plugin and DXTbmp. I have tried converting them to various other formats and color palettes before trying to save them as dss. I have done it in dxt5 dxt1 (with or without alpha), and a couple other dxt formats. I have zipped and/or unzipped them with both WinRar and Windows XP. For some reason the zip file is never the same exact size as the original zip that I took the dss files from. I have put the files with or without icon.dss in either or both the StadiumCar and Carcommon files of skin/vehicles file. I have researched and checked all the game settings.

No, luck. No matter what I try every time I start the game and look at the new car it is blank, white, no textures. If I try opening it in the paint tool, it switches me back to the previous car I had selected instead of opening it.

I hope someone can please help me with this. Perhaps it is something simple I am overlooking involving zip format, I don't know.

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Re: Blank Everytime (please help)

Post by jamie_macdonald » 04 Jun 2010 10:06

As you have "tried everything" i can only suggest to clean the cache of your game, and try again,

Secondly, i would checkyou are not saving them as .dss files (as they are nividia DDS's) i presume you know this but just incase hehe.

The other places that might help are the tm-creative forums, and TMX forums, both have a wealth of people only interested in maps, modding and skins, and also try the forums for tm-carpark, they may be "specialist" enough to answer your query with speed and knowledge.

Wish you luck :thumbsup:

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