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Airbrushed skin showoff + technical issues

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 17:09
by vrt
Hello! I know it might seema little late, but I finally got around to buying TMUF the other day, and am hooked once again. However, when I tried to create a new skin for my StadiumCar, I ran into a bit of an issue. First of all, let me show you what it currently looks like (this is, then, the showoff part! ;D)


A lot of work left, and progress is a bit slow, as I'm painting this entire thing by hand (and the UV wrapping isn't helping me at all here - hard to makje a decent blend across the nose!)

Now, for the technical issues..

It's green. I realise this must be a specular map applied to it, but it loks rather bad. I was planning to finish off the skin with some crimson red accents, which should help a little, but any 'exposed' greyscale part of the car will have to deal with this green hue, I'm afraid.

Any solutions, feedback, cookies?