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highway camper
highway camper
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Post by ºC1 » 06 Aug 2006 01:31

Hello i am not all that new to the TM series but i have recently seen what people can do with car skins and i am realy interested in how to get started in all of this maybe u can provide some links er..something to info/tuts



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sunday driver
sunday driver
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Post by hogleg2 » 15 Aug 2006 23:04

I'll get this one, Im sure ya'll are getting tired of this one.

Okay, download ur skin from like maybe here ... ile&id=371

Put the skin here:
Cars and skins (.zip format): \GameData\Skins\Vehicles\StadiumCar

Now, at this point you must have bought a TM product to get the Key Code
Now, go here:
and scroll to the bottom and click Authinticate and enter ur key code.

Now start the game and you should see the skin in profile

Don't forget to go to configure and check allow others to see car or something like that.
also be sure p2p is enabled

***edit*** Or are you talking about making skins?

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